About Us

With a rich history spanning three decades, we have evolved into a beacon of excellence in the realm of workforce solutions.

About Us

Exselens: Shaping Futures, Empowering Success

Welcome to Exselens, where our commitment goes beyond recruitment – we are architects of workforce excellence. With an illustrious thirty-year legacy, Exselens stands as a beacon of innovation and dedication in the realm of talent acquisition and workforce solutions.


At Exselens, our mission is clear: to be the catalyst that transforms businesses and careers through strategic and purposeful connections. We aspire to empower organizations by sourcing and placing top-tier talent, ensuring they not only meet the demands of the present but also drive future success. Our mission is grounded in the belief that the right people, in the right roles, can ignite unparalleled achievements.


Our vision is to redefine the landscape of workforce solutions. Exselens envisions a future where every professional finds their ideal career path, and every company discovers the transformative power of a well-matched team. We aim to be the trusted partner that navigates the evolving complexities of the job market, providing innovative solutions that transcend conventional boundaries.

Our Transition process

01. Initial Consultation
Understand business requirements, goals, and challenges for tailored outsourcing solutions.
02. Process Analysis
Comprehensive examination of existing processes, workflows, and systems to identify outsourcing opportunities.
03. Solution Design
Develop a detailed framework outlining scope, service levels, KPIs, and timelines in collaboration with the client.
04.Knowledge Transfer
Facilitate a thorough process transfer through documentation sharing, training sessions, and open communication channels.
05. Pilot Phase
Test the outsourcing solution on a smaller scale, fine-tuning processes and ensuring alignment with expectations before full-scale implementation.
06. Transition Planning
Develop a detailed plan outlining timeline, roles, communication protocols, and key milestones for a structured transition process.
07. Execution and Monitoring
Implement the outsourcing solution, closely monitor progress, and maintain regular communication with the client for updates and issue resolution.
08. Long-Term Partnership
Aim for a lasting partnership with open communication, regular performance reviews, and proactive identification of opportunities for optimization and value creation.

A Winning Team

Exselens Solutions, since 2020, comprises a dedicated team of experienced professionals committed to delivering outstanding outsourcing services. Our rigorous selection process ensures alignment with high standards, emphasizing industry experience, work ethic, and a passion for excellence. We prioritize continuous learning, fostering a culture of staying updated on industry trends. Our team thrives on collaboration, open communication, and a shared commitment to client success. We cultivate a positive and inclusive work environment that values teamwork, creativity, and innovation, empowering our team members to excel and provide exceptional service.

Bhavani Dhanraj | Founder & CEO |BritBee Pvt Ltd | Exselens Global business services LLP

Bhavani Dhanraj is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for delivering exceptional solutions to businesses worldwide. With extensive experience in the outsourcing industry, Bhavani recognized the growing need for cost-effective and efficient services that could empower companies to focus on their core competencies. Thus, Exselens Solutions was born with a clear objective of providing comprehensive outsourcing solutions to clients across the United States, United Kingdom, APAC, and Canada. 

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