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Our commitment is to deliver excellence, innovation, and unparalleled value to meet your unique business needs.

Contact Center Services

Our Contact Center Services are designed to boost customer experience. From Inbound Customer Support that ensures prompt issue resolution, to Outbound Telemarketing for business expansion, Technical Support for seamless operations, Multilingual Support for global reach, and Chat and Email Support for real-time communication, we provide comprehensive solutions to enhance customer satisfaction.

HR Services

Our HR Services cover a spectrum of functions. From HR Administration, managing daily tasks, to precise Payroll Processing and meticulous Employee Benefits Administration, we streamline processes. Additionally, our Recruitment and Staffing services ensure the acquisition of the right talent, contributing to your organizational success.

Finance & Accounting Services

Efficient financial management is crucial for business success. Our Finance & Accounting Services include Bookkeeping, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Financial Reporting, Tax Preparation, and CFO/Controller Services. We ensure accurate financial records, compliance, and strategic financial planning for your business growth.

Data Entry Services

Accuracy and efficiency are at the core of our Data Entry Services. Whether it’s simple data input, Data Cleansing and validation for data accuracy, or Data Conversion to meet specific formats, we handle diverse data management needs with precision.

Insurance BPO

Navigating the complexities of the insurance industry becomes seamless with our Insurance BPO services. From Claims Processing and Policy Administration to Insurance Verification, we optimize processes for quicker resolutions and improved customer satisfaction.

Data Science

Unlock the power of data with our Data Science services. We offer Data Analysis Visualization, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and Model Development, providing actionable insights and innovative solutions for data-driven decision-making.

Legal Process Outsourcing

Our Legal Process Outsourcing services cover Document Review, Contract Management, and Legal Research. By outsourcing these tasks, you can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in your legal processes.

Mortgage Support

Facilitate smooth mortgage processes with our Mortgage Support services. From Loan Processing and Underwriting Support to Mortgage Document Preparation, we ensure a streamlined and efficient mortgage workflow.

Logistics Services

Optimize your supply chain with our Logistics Services, including Order Fulfillment, Inventory Management, and Supply Chain Analysis. We help you enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall logistics performance.

Cloud Services

Embrace the power of the cloud with our Cloud Services. From Cloud Infrastructure Setup and Cloud Migration to Cloud Application Development and Security, we offer comprehensive solutions to maximize the benefits of cloud technology.

Cybersecurity Services

Protect your digital assets with our Cybersecurity Services. From Security Assessment Auditing and Network Infrastructure Security to Data Protection Privacy and Incident Response Threat, we safeguard your business from cyber threats and ensure data security.

Software Development

Stay ahead in the digital landscape with our Software Development services. Whether you need Custom Software, Web Application, Mobile Application, or Enterprise Software Solutions, we deliver tailored solutions to meet your unique business requirements.

IT Infrastructure Management

Ensure the smooth operation of your IT systems with our IT Infrastructure Management services. From Network Administration and Server Management to Cloud Computing and Data Backup and Recovery, we provide comprehensive IT support.

QA & Testing

Ensure the reliability of your software with our QA & Testing services. From Functional Testing and Performance Testing to Security Testing and User Acceptance Testing, we guarantee the quality and effectiveness of your software.


Embrace efficiency and collaboration with our DevOps services. We offer CI/CD Pipeline Implementation, Software Delivery Automation, and Collaboration and Integration to streamline your development and operations processes.

AI & Machine Learning

Transform your business with our AI & Machine Learning services. From AI Model Development and Machine Learning Algorithm Implementation to Data Analysis and Predictive Analytics Solutions, we leverage cutting-edge technology for innovative solutions.

RPA Services

Automate your business processes with our RPA Services. From RPA Bot Development and Process Automation to Data Entry Automation and Task Automation, we enhance efficiency and reduce manual efforts.

IT Consulting

Chart a strategic path for your technology with our IT Consulting services. From Technology Strategies and Planning to System Architecture Design, Software Selection and Integration, and Digital Transformation Initiatives, we provide guidance for your technology initiatives.

Cctv monitoring

At Exselens Services, we understand the paramount importance of ensuring the safety and security of your premises. Our comprehensive CCTV Monitoring Service is designed to provide unparalleled vigilance, deter unauthorized activities, and offer peace of mind for businesses and individuals alike.

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